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Exceptional Preschool Programs in Carmichael

Preschool is a crucial time for children. During these formative years, it’s essential to lay solid groundwork for success in kindergarten and primary school. If you’re in search of an excellent preschool in Carmichael, CA, be sure to consider Montessori Children's School. We’re dedicated to creating programs that allow children to learn and explore independently, but also feature guided and structured coursework. Our transitional preschool has been specially-designed for children who already have the skills to work independently for 90 minutes at a time. Mornings are spent working in groups, doing yoga, and honing their artistic abilities.

organized shelves

Goals of Our Transitional Preschool

Preschoolers are like sponges. Their natural curiosity allows them to learn and develop new skills quickly, and they typically enjoy the learning process. At Montessori Children's School, we have a few goals in mind while helping our students grow and develop. Our instructors focus on the following skills:

  • Order: We promote order and organization with a consistent environment. Our classrooms are designed to be orderly and child-sized to minimize the chances of students becoming overwhelmed.
  • Language: Communication is crucial in all stages of life. We encourage conversation and listening skills, as well as emphasize a growing vocabulary.
  • Independence: Nothing cultivates confidence like a sense of independence. Our instructors encourage children to do things on their own, all while under adult supervision.

Preparing Your Child for Formal School

Transitional preschool is designed for children 18 to 30 months old. These students fall into the Buttercup and Bluebells classroom. While these children may have a year or so before starting kindergarten, we strive to give them the skills they’ll need to succeed. We’re committed to guiding children in this new environment, helping them to establish a routine and overcome separation anxiety.

Come Explore and Learn With Montessori Children’s School!